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Dread: The Reggae Collection | Interface Magazine

Rating: Contents 9 Originality 8.5 Sound quality 8.5 Price/Performance 8.5 Back to Dread: The Reggae Collection product details

There are not many reggae sample cd's on the market, but the American firm Big Fish Audio made a change to that with this release. The basics of this CD is laid within 45 construction kits, which will give you beside the full mix every element of that mix without any compromises. The fancy booklet does a good job for telling you in what tempo and key kits are played. The contents of each kit varies from the very well known cliche sound to typical dancehall influences. Each kit is very well composed with the maximum amount of attention to variety. So it's possible to find beside the typical bass and organ sounds some cool steel drums. If you haven't got enough with this there recorded more individual drums, loops and sounds than you probably can bear.

The sound quality of this all is way above the average standard, although some sounds are recorded with some effect. Maybe it would have been for the best that they stayed dry, but it can't hold the fun of using this CD for some serious productions. So the conclusion finally is very simple, if you're into this kind of music maybe it would be the best to buy this CD.

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