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Brain: One Stroke Done | Future Music

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One of Rock's most versatile drummers, Brian "Brain" Mantia laid down inimitable grooves with Primus, Tom Waits, Praxis and Guns N' Roses. This two-DVD collection featuring over 8GB of stellar drum performances by Brain covers a schizophrenic gamut of styles from trip-hop and hip-hop to lowdown funk, new wave pop and balls-to-the-wall rock in tempos ranging from 51 to 160 bpm. Each of the 36 tracks is a complete "song" that you can cut up into loops or use as inspiration for your own compositions. The Pro Tools version features Brain's performances laid out in 24-bit multitrack files, allowing you to roll your own compression and EQ effects for individual instruments like the kick, snare, and cymbals. If you're looking for intelligent drum tracks with a smart feel, this purchase is a no-brainer. -Chris Gill

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