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Hip Hop Philosophy | Future Music

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HIP HOP PHILOSOPHY Future Music, October 2005

This bargain-priced hiphop CD stands out from the crowd for being more leftfield than most of the efforts that we get - perfect for the 'trip hop' aficionado who like their beats and breaks to be more on the dark and moody side. Among the 1GB of material (all in WAV, REX and Apple Loop formats), you'll find a bumper selection of crunchy beats, abstract synths, and driving basslines, which have all been placed in construction kit format for easy organization. The drums are the real highlight, along with a healthy selection of piercing stabs, and plenty of weird and wonderful synth lines. For $49.95 you're getting a good quality disc with a generous smattering of content. Head nodders and chin strokers should take a closer look...


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