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Fortunately, the producers at Bunker 8 Digital Labs are as creative at sound design as their marketing people are at describing those sounds with imagery: "Not unlike the distant raging child of some preborn dreadnought of rage, the beast has spawnd again" aptly desribes what lies inside this 4.3GB follow-up collection of nightmarish creations. The DVD opens to folders of REX files, Acidized WAVs and bass and electric-guitar multisamples in Kontakt and Reason NN-XT formats; Reason NN19 sampler and ReDrum kits; Hybris Hits (one-shots of key Hybridizer 2 material including percussion, bass stabs, guitar shots, chorded keys, whacked distortions, vocalized hits and so on); and 45 construction kits with bpm values of 65 to 145.

The kits, as gratifying as they are, allow you to mix and match from the individual instruments' loops folders for even greater flexibility. The DVD includes a Web-style interface for rapid sound searching and auditioning capability, which was useful given the more than 6,500 different pieces of sonic mayhem offered. As a bonus to Reason users, all kits are conveniently provided as a single ReFill. Trashed drum loops, thrashed metal guitar riffs/scrapes and amphetamine bass lines are thrown against a backdrop of effected distortions, atmospheres and other twisting realities that are dark and often demented. Scores for up-tempo video games, extreme sports and action flicks come to mind listening to Hybridizer 2, but the raw, hard-assed nature is soothed somewhat with manically pleasant piano, synth and keyboard riffs, making the collection extremely palatable for nearly any electronic style.

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