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From the title, I was expecting some seriously ugly noise, like what you might get from a bunch of avant-garde "artistes" who feel sorry for you because you can't appreciate the beauty of their intense angst. Nope. This fury is a controlled, mysterious fury, the kind you'd get from a dragon who'd been sleeping for centuries, and you had the bad luck to trip over on the way back to the time machine.

In typical Big Fish fashion, you get lots of construction kits (95 plus a folder of "atmospheres," for a total of 705 unique files), which averages about seven files per kit for each of the three file types. The first file is a mix of all parts (except in the REX folders, which omit the mix due to difficulty in REXifying this type of file). This makes for easy auditioning. Each kit indicates the "native" key signature and tempo, most of which hover in the 100-140 BPM range.

Some of the kits would fit right into the Zion party scenes in the Matrix; other beats sound like the Chemical Brothers in a nasty mood. But they're not just about noise - there's an intensity and sophistication to these sounds that raise them above the usual "hardcore" loops.

I've put some files on because a sound is worth a thousand words. If you’re in an industrial/soundtrack frame of mind, this DVD-ROM delivers in spades.

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