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Rating: Contents 8 Originality 8.5 Sound quality 8 Price/Performance 8 Back to Geneticz product details

As it's title expects this is a bit weird CD that is similar to Distorted Reality, only this one sounds more raw as beef. The CD is stocked with dozens of loops divided in sections by 80 till 180 BPM. I only can't dig the issue that everywhere the last letter s is changed to a z, must be a trendy thing.

The section with sounds is enormous, there are sounds like an alien, synths, pads, alarms, drones but there's much more on the shopping list. The category the blinks the most is the Uncivilized category. At this point of view you must have the idea that the producer has been up with using dangerous goods, because they're such strange sounds but definitely usable. As a bonus there are 800 plain drum sounds on the 2nd CD, which contains also all the WAV files of the first audio CD.

This CD is very suitable for styles like trip hop and other lo fi stylez, but it's also very useful for things as post production. With all saying, a bit of a weird CD, but very useful for certain purposes.

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